Sunday Growth Groups

Sunday Growth Groups are a crucial component of our efforts toward faith formation in our own lives, and building healthy and regular discipleship habits in our children. We invite the entire church body and our surrounding community to join us each week for interesting, Bible-based and interactive learning and participation.







Preschool – 5th grade

As people began to turn against Jesus in the latter part of his ministry, He journeyed toward Jerusalem where He knew He would be arrested and crucified. Jesus continued to tell people that they needed to repent, and He prepared His true followers for His death. Teachers and children together use media, interactive games and storytelling to get to know Christ, His life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension.





Students 6th-9th grade

A lively and interactive class designed for middle school students. They will explore God’s Covenant in Scripture and in Reformed creeds and confessions.






This class encourages the whole church to not only connect Monday to Sunday by trying to be a good witness at work and share the gospel, but to put the gospel at the heart of everything we do at work.







Another option during the Sunday Growth Group hour is to participate in a Sermon Discussion Care Group. Each week, we host an opportunity for questions and conversation about the sermon and related issues. All are welcome to participate, listen to the discussion and enjoy coffee and company!

Because First Christian Reformed Church Bellflower loves and cares for young people and children, we also recognize the church’s responsibility to consciously work for the prevention of all types of abuse. Children and adults need to be in a safe place where they can grow in the Christian faith and trust those who minister to them. Therefore, to minimize risk and to protect children from abuse, we have developed the following guidelines and policies. 

View the First Christian Reformed Church Bellflower Safe Church Policy