James & Barbarita Lee
Christian Reformed World Missions, Mexico

James and Barbarita Lee are partners with the Presbyterian Reformed Church of Tijuana, Mexico. They mainly work in church planting, leadership training, and discipleship. For the past year, they have been working with a mission church called Dios Altisimo (God on High). They are involved in teaching the Bible, marriage counseling and Bible study, children’s ministry, praise team, visitation and preaching.  In about six months, they will be headed to a new mission to start over with a new church plant.  James has also been serving at a Christian drug and alcohol rehab center as a ministry strategist consultant leading Bible studies, discipleship, counseling, and mentoring the men and leaders at the center.

In addition to all that, they are also involved occasionally in various ministries such as: orphan care, health ministry, hospitality ministry, street evangelism, hosting mission teams, and more.

The Lees have a son, Joshua, and two daughters, Jaedyn and Jaelah.

Contact Information:
Email: jlee@crcna.org


Kevin & Michelle Suwyn
Young Life, Costa Rica

Kevin and Michelle Suwyn have been serving through the mission of Young Life over the past 12 years. They live in Costa Rica along with their 4 children: Noah, Elijah, Samara and Johnathan (all born in Costa Rica).  Kevin is the Regional Director for Central America and Michelle leads the YoungLives ministry to teen moms. They seek to equip, mentor, train, and serve the staff, leaders, and volunteers throughout the region.

Contact Information:

E-mail:  Kevin: ksuwyn@centralamerica.younglife.org
Michelle: msuwyn@costarica.younglife.org


Roger & Karen Van Otterloo
Eastern Congo Group (ECG) of SIL, International 
(Partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Roger and Karen Van Otterloo, Wycliffe Bible Translators, serve as members of the Eastern Congo Group (ECG) of SIL, International, a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  The main goal of their work is to help make the Scriptures available to people of minority language groups in the language that speaks to their hearts and in an appropriate format. Reaching this goal includes linguistics and language development work as well as translation.
Roger and Karen are both members of the ECG Language Research and Development Team. Both are linguistics consultants and Roger is also a translation consultant, assisting the Kifuliiru team with their Old Testament translation.  He also has spent considerable time working on the editing and translation of a Bible curriculum for use in elementary schools in the developing world.  Roger and Karen have co-written a linguistics book about the Kifuliiru language, on which Karen is currently doing final edit for publishing.  Roger is also involved in the development of the discourse studies portion of a curriculum for training Congolese Bible translators.  His work involves several trips into the Democratic Republic of Congo each year. Karen was recently in charge of organizing a discourse workshop in Congo for teams from six language groups, at which Roger was one of the linguistics consultants.

They have five sons, all born in Africa, four of whom are married: John and Bridget, Nathan and Ashley who have four girls, Matt and Rebecca have one son, and Daniel and Joelle.  Isaac graduated from high school and will be moving to Arkansas this fall to attend John Brown University.  The Van Otterloos reside in Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact Information:
E-mail:  Roger-Karen_vanotterloo@sil.org