Making Service Personal

The United States Census reported in 2010 that Bellflower, California
had a population of 76,616. The population density was 12,416.7 people per square mile. Among this ‘tightly packed’ city are people from many different backgrounds who live in a wide variety of conditions – begging the questions:

Do we see each other?

Have we met one another?

How has God called us to help one another?

At BellOne, we are seeking to live into these questions in a personal way by reaching out with the love that God has shown us in Christ.

BellOne is committed to using our resources, both spiritual and physical, for God’s kingdom. We do that by being mission-focused individuals, being strategic and intentional with the way we live in our own communities and work spaces, and by partnering with these local organizations and community resources.

IMG_5719Kingdom Causes Bellflower is an organization that inspires, connects and mobilizes people towards personal and community transformation.

KCB Experience Night  – Sunday Evening, 5/21

An interactive, family friendly training that gives attendees a chance to “walk a mile” in the shoes of some of the people that Kingdom Causes is working with – those vulnerable to homelessness and the homeless. The goal is to help Bellflower citizens to understand the complexity of poverty in Bellflower, and to learn tangible ways that they can make a difference. Childcare with a complimentary lesson for kids under 6th grade will be provided. For detailed info, contact KCB, 562-804-2189 or

Kids Hope USA has provided First Christian Reformed Church of Bellflower with the training and supportive resources to begin a mentoring program with students in our local public elementary school. Kids Hope USA mentors spend just one hour per week, reading, talking, playing and listening to a child at school. By helping the child feel loved and valued, they help that child to learn, grow and succeed.