Bible reading

Do you desire to read God’s Word but wonder where to start and how to continue? This page has the resources that can help you set a clear, reasonable goal for 2019.

In the links below you’ll find a variety of Bible reading plans.  Some require only a little bit of reading some days of the week.  Others require a lot more reading.  Look over the plans, read the descriptions, pray and reflect on the way God wants to meet you in his Word, and then print out a plan.

If you would like help in keeping your commitment, email Pastor Zach for an accountability partner.  The purpose of the partnership is to have someone asking you on a regular basis: 1) how is it going? 2) how is God forming you with his Word?



Listed by order of amount of reading, from the least to the most:

5×5 Bible Reading Plan – Read through the New Testament in one year: 5 days a week, 5 minutes a day.

The Bible in 2 Years Plan – Read through the Bible straight through in 2 years.  This plan also includes catch up days.

The Bible in a Year Plan (variety) – This plan takes you to a different part of Scripture each day of the week.

The Bible in 1 Year Plan (chronological) – This plan takes you through Scripture in a roughly chronological order, according to a best guess about the order of events.

The Bible in 1 Year Plan (straight through) – This plan takes you through the Bible as we have it from Genesis to Revelation.

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan – This plan, put together by a minister from Scotland named Robert Murray M’Cheyne, has readings for both private devotion and for family time.  It is a bit more ambitious, getting through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice in one year.