What’s behind the nickname “BellOne?”

The official name of the church is First Christian Reformed Church of Bellflower, and since this is a lot to say each time people usually refer to the church by its nickname, BellOne.  The nickname takes two parts of the name and combines them.  The “Bell” part is from “Bellflower” and the “One” part is similar to “First.”  Put them together and you get “BellOne.”  BellOne, organized in 1927, was the first Christian Reformed Church in the Bellflower area.  Later, in 1943, a second church was organized (now called Bethany), and then later a third church was organized (now called Rosewood).  BellOne helped establish these churches, which were formed due to tremendous growth in the area and the church as people flocked to Southern California.

What’s BellOne like?

BellOne is a church of ordinary people from all generations.  We are family church of people who love one another and love Jesus, and through his love desire others to love Him and live for Him.   We want our children and our youth to know and love God as they grow in God’s Word, in worship and in service.  And we want adults in every generation to follow Jesus in their whole life, whether at church or in their everyday lives.

What should I wear to church?

At BellOne people dress for church from a wide range of styles.  Some people wear ties and dresses; other people wear shorts and flip flops.  Come dressed comfortably and we’ll make sure that what you see most are smiles and handshakes when you arrive.

Is there parking at BellOne?

Our church has a large parking lot right across the street from the church on the southeast corner of Ardmore and Ramona.

What’s the service like?

Our service begins at 9:30 am and usually goes for about 70 minutes.  It includes joyful music, prayers from our hearts to God’s heart, a reading from the Bible, and a message that explains God’s love for us, our love for God, and how we live together with him each day.  We also have a time during the service when we receive offerings from our congregation, but if you are a guest you should feel no obligation to give.  After the service we gather outside for coffee, punch and conversation and we hope you’ll join us!

Is there anything for my child on Sunday Morning?

Every Sunday morning there is children’s worship for kids age 3 through first grade.  The kids worship with their families through the first part of our service, which is mostly singing, and then are dismissed with their teachers about a half an hour into the service.  They go to an upstairs classroom with their teachers and helpers to sing, pray, hear a story, and do an activity like a craft – all designed for kids their age.  You can retrieve your child after the service by going through the doors at the back of our central garden area, bearing to the left and up the stairs, and then turning left at the top of the stairs.

During the school year we also have Sunday School for students in all grades.  If you’re new and want to know where the meeting place and classrooms are, talk to someone greeting at the door and they will show you.