First Christian Reformed Church of Bellflower, or BellOne, as it is affectionately called, was organized in 1927.  It was started by a small group of people, primarily Dutch immigrants, who desired to have their own place of worship in the Bellflower area. It was a part of the denomination of the CRC and it remains strongly committed to a historically Reformed understanding of the Christian faith.  God was faithful throughout the years and more members joined, more programs were started, and it continued to thrive.  In 2002, the church celebrated its 75th anniversary.  God has blessed the church through the service of many pastors, youth pastors, and other workers that joined the church team.  People have come and gone, some have passed onto glory, and little ones have been born into our church family.

Through each year and every change God’s faithfulness continues to ring out loud and clear and for that we are truly thankful.  As the congregation nears almost 85 years in service, it continues to be a community rich in love for one another.  We are grateful to God for the ways in which He continues to work out His purposes in and through the church.